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Who Really Needs A Bail Bond?

January 8, 2019

Who Needs A Bail Bond?


Are you in need of a bail bond? Ace Bail Bonds has the closest bail bond office to the Volusia County Jail. We are very easy to find and respond promptly. Simply Google: Ace Bail Bonds or bond bonds Daytona and you'll find us quickly on Google. We have 30 plus years of experience in Bail Bonds. Ace Bail Bonds has an excellent track record for getting our clients out of jail swiftly.


Everything starts with finishing the paper and actions to get your loved one out of Jail. That's where we are available. We understand the system as well as what's required to assist you go through each of the steps. Part of the action is for the Court to determine the amount for the bail bond. When the bail bond is determined by the judge you will need to either pay the sum total of the bond to the cashier or have a bail bondsman to write the bond so you can be released. That's all it takes as well as we're below to help you. Call Ace Bond Bonds because we are open 24/7.


Now let's get down to the details. Getting your loved ones out of jail quickly is your goal and we understand that. It isn't necessary to know all the details of how we're going to do it. We understand the steps necessary to move the process along quickly. It helps that we know the policeman and the people in the courthouse that make the decisions.


When someone calls a bail bondsman the first thing he's going to want to know is what happened? What jail your loved one is in and has he seen a judge yet? If he hasn't seen the judge then we'll need to wait until they see a judge and sets the amount necessary for bail.


Once the amount of the bail has been determined you will have a couple options. You can pay the full amount with a cashier's check or cash. Or you can call a bail bondsman and they can write the bond. In Florida, the rate for a bail bond is pre-set at 10% of the total Bail Bond price set by the court judge.


We can start filling out the paperwork as soon as we know the information that the judge has laid out. There are different types of bonds and the paperwork may be different from County Jail to County Jail. There will be requirements for the bail bond company and the person receiving the bail bond that you should be aware of. They will have a court date set up in the future that they will need to show up for. The individual may be required to attend court proceedings and pay the fees otherwise the terms of the bail may be terminated. In other words, the 10% cost of the bail bond becomes 100% of the bail bond if he's not showing up at the court dates or when they are supposed to be.


Many times, a bondsman may want collateral. If the individual does not show up at the court dates the bondsman is responsible to bring your loved one in. This is an extra-cost the bondsman does not want to incur. If the bondsman does not bring the individual in, he's responsible for 100% of the cost of the bail bond. If you

have signed a Collateral for your loved one in order to obtain a bail bond you will be responsible for the full amount of the bail bond cost. This needs to be understood so the individual you are bailing out will keep up their part of the bargain and show up at the court dates on time. Believe me, we understand you don’t want to be holding the bag for the full amount of the bail or possibly lose your home.


Believe me when I say, “nobody wants to lose their freedom”. Everyone wants to live free and do what they want to do. However, we need to follow the law and the procedures that are put in front of us by the judge, otherwise, individual will be back in jail. Before you sign for collateral for your loved one, consider the possible repercussions if they don't show up in court. Ask yourself, is your loved one reliable and will they show up at the court dates set by the court?


Obtaining collateral is not always necessary depending on the offense in the amount of the bail bond. The bail bond is cost is related to the crime or potential crime. Is the individual being a repeat offender and is individual a high risk to not show up in court. Work with your bail bondsman to get your questions answered and proceed with the best option for you


We understand that you have rights and you're innocent until proven guilty. Just because you need to get bailed out of jail does not mean you're guilty. Maybe they were at the wrong place at the wrong time. We do understand are sympathetic to your situation. The bail bond company is not the judge. Our job is to help the individual stay out of jail in their own home until their case is tried in front of a court and they have their day in court.


The job of a bail bonds company is simply to get their clients out of jail quickly. The bail bond company will provide their clients with court dates and be able to answer any other questions related to their case. They will fill out the paperwork for the court in order to obtain a fast release from jail. the clients will need to get their own lawyer or court appointed lawyer for their defense. ask your bail bond company for referrals to a lawyer at best represent them in court.


In need of a bail bond? Ace Bail Bonds has the closest bail bond office from Volusia Region Jail. We are very easy to find and respond promptly. Simply Google Ace Bail Bonds or bond bonds Daytona and also, you'll find us quickly on Google. We have 30 plus years’ experience in Bail Bonds. Ace Bail Bonds has a track record for obtaining our clients out of jail swiftly.


At Ace Bail Bonds we understand the challenges that you may come across in the process of securing a bail bond. Some crimes are small and do not require any bail at all. Some individuals may be bailed out while the more serious crimes can mean denial for bail. For the fastest get-out-of-jail service in Daytona just Google Bail Bonds Daytona - you will find our listing when you need us. We do it right and we do it FAST!


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