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The Basics For Getting Out Of Jail Fast Best bail bond customer service in Daytona Beach, Florida

Setting bail bonds starts with the Judge setting the bond amount for your loved one to get out of jail. The amount of the bail bonds can be paid in full at the courthouse or you can call #1 Ace Bail Bonds and we can write a bail bond and do all the paperwork for you show up for all the court dates, then the full amount of the bond will be refunded to you less court costs. This is if you decide to pay the full amount in cash or money order to the court.

Most folks choose to use a bail bonds service instead of paying the full amount to the court. Should you choose to use a bail bond service, the fee is set by the State of Florida. The fee is 10% of the bond with a minimum charge of $100. #1 Ace Bail Bonds handles all the paperwork along with offering all our customers 24/7 service for all bail bonds. Our experience will move the process much faster that doing it yourself.

The Bail Bonds Process in Daytona Beach, Florida

1. We find that misdemeanors have a specific amount set for bail bonds. For felony charges, you will need to before the judge so he can set the bond needs for your loved one.

2. We can start doing the paperwork once the bond amount is set by the court. This is when we can do all the paperwork and start the process of getting you out of jail quickly.

Costs Associated with Bail Bonds in Daytona Beach, Florida

Our office is the closest bail bonds office to Volusia County Jail for your convenience. You need not come in in order to start the paperwork. We can do it on the phone and we operate 24/7.

We start with the cost of the bail bond and the cost cannot be negotiated. The rate is fixed by the Florida Department of Financial Services. Prepare to pay 10% of the bond amount with a minimum of $100 for any bond. If the bond is for $5,000 – the cost of the bond is $500.

Depending on the size of the bond and your credit rating will determine if the collateral is needed. With #1 Ace Bail Bonds we accept credit cards which will move the process quickly if a bail bond is needed while the banks are closed. If the bond is larger, we can talk to you about collateral.

Ace Bail Bonds in Daytona Beach, Florida

We will need the following information about the defendant to qualify for a bail bond:

Once we get all the basic information, we can then complete the paperwork for the bail bond in Daytona Beach, Florida. The posting of bail bonds will be made after the payment is made. You can expect the defendant to be released 2-8 hours after the bond is posted. We can give you the best estimate for your release but we do not have control over the jail and their schedule each day.

We are able to do all immigration and Federal bond bonds requirements when needed. Although the process may be the same, the bonds are usually higher. This usually requires collateral for the bond that is written. If you call us, we will be better able to answer your questions on the bond requirement.